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Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Texas Hold'em Poker is a hot and exciting online poker games, and you can start the game immediately after installation , no registration, no recharge.
★ ★ ★ Game Features ★ ★ ★
1. Enjoy the game fun with Thousands of real players in the network;
2. You can create a private room and ask your friends to join;
3 You may win prizes by taking into competitions ;
4 Game is completely free to download and play, automatically get rewarded gold with daily login, you have two times to get relief every day when your gold coins are used out;
5 Various playful expression package allows you to play cards outside looking for more fun !
6 Excellent gaming experience : beautiful screen , easy to use, feature-rich, smooth animations.
7 Ultralow network traffic: support a variety of network access, detect and priority access to wifi network.
Sensitive Permissions Used By This App
Permission What Why
Full network access Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for internal use within the app's functionality
Change network connectivity Allows applications to change network connectivity state. Not analyzed yet
Connect and disconnect from wi-fi Can connect to and disconnect from Wi-Fi access points Not analyzed yet
Modify or delete the contents of your usb storage Can write to your phone's USB storage Not analyzed yet
Close other apps Allows an application to call killBackgroundProcesses(String). Not analyzed yet
Third Party Libraries Used by this App
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