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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Snoxter is a multimedia cloud that gives you free storage, makes your photos look awesome, allows you to share what you want and shows what is being shared by your friends.

Snoxter features:
* Free Cloud Storage. Snoxter provides you with 2 GB for your photos, videos and any other files.
* Photo editor with beautiful frames, amazing effects, filters and functions!
* Easy sharing. Share your photos, videos and files with just a couple of taps.
* Social connection. Share something, then view likes and comments directly in-app.
* Easy access to photos and files you store on our cloud from anywhere using any internet enabled device, your Android device, Snoxter App on Facebook or Snoxter for PC & Mac.
* Organizer for your content. Enjoy your photos and videos as albums.
* Trending & Friends Feed. Watch, Listen and View shared files. Leave comments and like them.

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