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Apple Knock Down: Slingshot

Apple Knock Down: Slingshot

App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Welcome to Apple knockdown, its 100% free and much addictive game.
It is arcade and action game. Multiple levels are designed. A ninja jumps and knocks the apples down. Come on its much recommended game in the market. A sling ball rush on the apples, hit them and finally put them down on the ground.
Can you knock down?? yes, you CAN!
Try it & enjoy this interesting apple knock down addictive game.
I am sure, you will like this game if you already have played can knockdown, angry birds, dahihandi knockdown, gulel shoot girl's fruits, halloween, golden handi, box topple, pin knockdown, sling shooting games.

• 100 % free game
• 100 % addictive game
• Up to 25 amazing game play levels
• Nice graphics and friendly user interface
• Knockdown, a name of craze!
• The game-play is similar to angry birds, but extremely simpler!

How to play:
> The game is to knock down the boxes using a slingshot and balls.
> Play, select level and hit the boxes.
> You have to put them down!
> Clear the level to unlock the new levels.
> If you miss the target, you can throw again by following the dots appeared after last ninja shoot.
> You can play some levels with the help of vertical stone bar placed on the hanging tiles. you just reflect the shooter ball with it.
> You can get more stars by sparing ninja ball in hands.

We have just released ninja run, real racing, need more speed, car-bike racing, check these, thanks
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Permission What Why
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Full network access Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for targeted advertising
Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for utility purposes
Take pictures and videos Can use camera or flashlight on the phone Utility
Modify or delete the contents of your usb storage Can write to your phone's USB storage Not analyzed yet
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