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Trex Complex

Trex Complex

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

** Note: It is originally designed for Galaxy SI, SII, and other larger screens.

It is a well-Known card game in the middle East (Trex or Trix). Actually you play all Trex Contracts(Queens,Diamond, King, and Eltoosh) together at the same time.
This version of the game contains Complex mode without duplication.

So the game optimizes the original Trex game and provides the most entertaining part which is the Complex mode. So it has four kingdoms for Four players. the score is cumulative and it is updated after the end of each kingdom. The net total of
each kingdom is (-500) and the net total of the whole game is (-2000).

Each player of this game plays depending on his own. We tried the make players think as much as possible (pragmatically) without cheating or game general rules violation. Sometimes you cannot beat all of them and can not be the one with the lowest minus total!!!

Cards were designed in a simple way to meet the fact that mobile screen is not a PC screen. Your card will be burned just if it is your turn to play and it is a legal card by simple touch.

The game is developed in a way that minimizes the use of your battery (power).
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