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Flick Cricket

Flick Cricket

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Play the Worlds Best Cricket game NOW

Flick that stick and win the world cup in Flick Cricket the best T20 game on the play store.

⚾︎ Free to play: Download now and play unlimited cricket!
⚾︎ Amazing 3D graphics: Play Cricket Fever in Full HD 3D.

Cool Features:
⚾︎ Simple and FUN Swipe the ball to blast super sixes!
⚾︎ Become a Champion Improve your batting skill and accuracy to win high scores.
⚾︎ Real physics Protect your wickets with Realistic bat physics and ball movements.
⚾︎ Level up Keep Hitting sixes to level up your player. Unlock new stadiums coming soon!
⚾︎ Target Practice Hit Billboards, Birds, Planes and Zeppelins to score more runs.
⚾︎ Bombs! Avoid hitting bomb balls, they will explode on impact.
⚾︎ Play Offline. Play Stick Flick Cricket Fever 3D anywhere anytime! You don't need an internet connection.
⚾︎ HD Sound Feel like a real cricket player as the crowd cheers and reacts to your every move.
⚾︎ Flick Control Flick that stick for high scores!

The objective in Flick Cricket is to score as many runs as you can in the time allowed. To play you must flick the cricket ball at the right timing to score runs. Hit billboards and other objects to score extra points and time. Stick at Flick Cricket it and get better over time!

Bonuses incude:

1. Extra Time
2. Six bonus runs
3. Four bonus runs
5. Special Zeppelin Hit bonus

Coming soon:

⚾︎ Unlock new Stadiums Level up to unlock stadiums like the Mumbai Stadium, Bangalore Stadium, Eden Garden and The Oval.
⚾︎ New game modes World Cup mode, Championship mode, Premier league, Twenty 20 and Challenges.
⚾︎ Friend and Global Leaderboards Compete with Cricket players locally and from all over the world for high scores.
⚾︎ More Challenges New ball types and targets to learn and master.

Google Play Achievements (coming soon):

- The Big 100 - 100 runs
- Double Ton - 200 runs
- Triple Ton - 300 runs
- Power hitting - 500 runs
- Blazing blade! - 800 runs
- Mega Ton - 1000 runs
- Bomb dodger - Avoid hitting a single bomb
- Blast! - Hit a bomb
- Howzat! - Hit 3 Zeppelins
- Stick cricket in front of your friends! - Invite friends to game

Reach Us
To report any issues with usage or just to share feedback and tell us how we can improve, write to cricket.t20.games@gmail.com

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