Plane Games for Kids

Plane Games for Kids

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Does your child love planes? Then ladies and gentlemen buckle up and fly over for some cool airplane fun with the Plane Games for Kids, Games and Sounds App. Your up and coming pilot will have a fun time playing with the plane puzzle for kids, block game, match the plane game and playing with an airplane soundboard this app is designed for ages 2 & up and first time app users.

Downloading the Plane Games for Kids App you’ll get a sky-full of airplane fun with:
PLANE & FLYING OBJECTS SOUNDS- Interactive fun with tap and tap sounds that will thrill and delight plane lovers of all ages.
AIRPLANE PUZZLE- Designed for ages 3 & up these fun and cute start at easy and go to very hard so mum and dad can be challenged as well!
PLANES GAME- Challenging memory games designed for ages 3 & up.
PLANES BLOCK GAME – Concentration as you build the blocks against the plane background.

Plane Soundboard
The first stop on the runway in the Plane Game for Kids app that will make your little pilot ready for take-off are the sounds of planes. With propeller sounds, take-off sounds and fly-by sounds your child will love. With it’s easy to use interactive tap for sounds your little pilot will get to hear the sound the planes make AND see the plane flying in the sky.

Airplane Puzzle
This puzzle can be challenging but the reward is priceless to see your child or yourself complete the puzzles from Easy to Hard to Very Hard. The puzzle can teach:
-Fine motor skills
-Reasoning and concept development
-Early math skills
How To Play Puzzle
Hit “Randomize” on the puzzle and it will shuffle. If your little one doesn’t like the look of that one, just press Randomize again to change it up.

Plane Memory Game
The next stop in our busy Airport is the memory game! There are plenty of Jets, Commercial Airlines and other plane related pictures to match these kids games will promote:
-Fine motor skills.
-Memory and recognition skills.
-Vocabulary and language.
-Colour and flying objects recognition.

Planes Block Game
This engaging Planes Block game is excellent for promoting concentration and research has shown that playing the Plane Games for toddlers block game may even improve some eye disorders.

I hope you and your child love the Plane Games for Kids free app and will enjoy countless hours of fun and learning within the app. Please also check back in the future for updates with more Plane puzzles, Plane sounds and Plane memory match games!

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