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Breastfeeding Tracker Baby Log

Breastfeeding Tracker Baby Log

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding Tracker is a simple and intuitive app to help you keep track of your baby's nursing progress and more!

✭ Our easy-to-use timer lets you track your nursing records real-time. Simply press "Start" and "Stop"! And if you have started a timer and leave the app, you will receive a notification to remind you to stop the timer!

✭ View detailed and useful info of your nursing progress - such as the most recent nursing, daily averages and accumulative totals! We even help you calculate how much in ounces you have fed your baby! Enter how much your baby weighs either before or after feeding or enter an estimate of "ounces per minute" and we will do the calculations for you!

✭ Track your baby's growth progress! Record your baby's height, weight and head-size and we plot all those data onto a growth chart for you!

✭ Use our Diary feature to record and review the daily happenings, milestones and special moments of your baby!

✭ That's not it! By purchasing our in-app purchase features, you can track even more things for your baby!!

✭✭✭ In App Purchases ✭✭✭

♛ Premium ♛
Our Premium in-app upgrade unlocks EVERYTHING BELOW!! At a discounted price!!

♥ Bottle ♥
Bottle upgrade allows you to track bottle feedings for your baby! Formula, breast milk, juices or anything you want to track!

♥ Diaper ♥
Diaper upgrade allows you to track diaper usage for your baby! Whether it’s dry, wet, BM or both Wet and BM!

♥ Pumping ♥
Pumping upgrade is for moms who'd like to keep track of their breast milk pumping progress! Like Nursing, you can use our simple timer to track your pumping progress in real-time!

♥ Sleeping ♥
Sleeping upgrade keeps track of sleeping times of your baby! Again, use our simple timer to track sleeping in real-time!

♥ Solids ♥
Solids upgrade keeps track of your baby's eating routine! Select from our comprehensive food list! There is also an intelligent "Recent" meal list that lists out recent keywords to speed up the selection process!

Stay on top on your baby's progress and have fun!

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