Cars Quiz Game: Logo & Picture

Cars Quiz Game: Logo & Picture

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Love playing car games and quizzes? Get this auto app and see how well you know car brands and models! Have fun guessing the car company based on its logo design with ✱ Car Quiz Game: Logo & Picture ✱ Watch photos of all kinds of old timers, sports and electric cars, and guess the make and model! Test your knowledge of all kinds of automobiles and auto manufacturers with this amazing pictures and logos quiz!

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- 4 Different Game Modes-10 Questions, 25 Questions, 50 Questions and Endless!
- Choose the correct answer among A, B, C or D!
- Answer the questions quickly and avoid giving incorrect answers to get higher rankings!
- Answer the question worth more than 2000 points and get Scandalous Score Booster!
- Endless Mode–5 Errors – Out! – Your game lasts until you choose 5 incorrect answers!
- Log in with Facebook to share your score and achievements!

Get this picture quiz and guess which car is in the photo! From sports coupes to antique ones, you can find all makes and models! Test your knowledge of vehicles with this interesting auto application! If you love to play “cars games” and quizzes, this application for Android TM is perfect for you!
If you are thinking about getting involved in the world of old cars, you should learn the various classifications. By means of this free quiz you can get familiar with lots of makes and models of old vehicles.
Did you know that an antique car is in most cases over 45 years old? And it should be maintained in a way that keeps it true to the original manufacturer specifications so that it can be considered antique.
The definition of classic car actually says that it must be at least 20 years old, but not more than 40 years old to be considered a classic. But can you recognize all the classic models? There is also an overlap between vintage cars and antique ones. Not all vintage are antique and vice versa. With this app you can watch pictures of many old automobiles and learn how to recognize each one of them.

Car Quiz Game: Logo & Picture application will also help you learn more about other types of automobiles. For example, sports cars. Can you recognize each model of these beauties? Get this app, and find out!
If you’re concerned about the environment, then you should be able to distinguish between all the types of eco-friendly automobiles, such as smart autos, hybrids and electric automobiles.

You think you're familiar with all automobile companies and their brand logos? But do you know how do their logo signs look like? You surely have heard of some of their most famous models of automobiles, but can you recognize them on the pictures? Find out with this fun quiz app!
We made this free app so you can have fun and learn more about car models and brands! If you're a fan of cargames and “logo quiz” apps, you'll have lots of fun watching cars pictures and answering these quiz questions. Hope you’ll enjoy discovering all of these fun features and much more Car Quiz Game: Logo & Picture!

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