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BJ Bridge (BriJ) Lite

BJ Bridge (BriJ) Lite

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

BJ Bridge is a contract bridge card game for Android with unique duplicate bridge competitive scoring features.

Have you ever wondered how to play contract bridge? Or have you played bridge for some time and want to brush up on the latest conventions? Or just want to practice your game between visits to your bridge club?

BriJ is for you. It has levels to suit both beginners and those who already play bridge. There's plenty of help at every stage, suggesting WHY as well as WHAT to bid or play.

Please note that the Lite version has a fixed Benji-Acol bidding system that will not suit everyone. The PRO version offers a choice of systems, including SAYC, with a customisable selection of bidding conventions.

Here are some viideos to get you started...: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPW-v81bxJQfkmwfW52oQrKYnZHR8vcnv

• use the BriJ Convention Wizard to tailor your bidding style from:-
★ SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card)
★ Beginner(simplified Acol or SAYC bidding with no extra conventions)
★ Acol (standard English)
★ Benji Acol
▶ add extra conventions, e.g. 5-card majors, Puppet Stayman, two-suited overcalls (ASPTRO and ELH), RKCB, Blackwood, Gerber and Quantitative 4NT, aggression level)
• specify high card point ranges
• choose strong or weak 2 openers
• view your tailored convention card
• find deals to illustrate a convention such as Puppet Stayman
• ad-free

Bid and then play unlimited hands
▶ see competitive duplicate bridge scores (no rubber bridge scoring at present)
▶ see detailed hints for your next bid or play
▶ see explanations for opponents bids and plays

Use Bluetooth to connect up with other players
▶ practice bidding and playing as a partnership
▶ choose to play in defence or play the contract independently
▶ play anywhere, without Internet access!

Play in any combination of seats at the same time
▶ choose to see all cards
▶ choose to see hands one at a time
▶ rotate the table to play an another hand

Play as you would in a 'real' game
▶ familiar bidding box
▶ tricks laid out as you would expect for Duplicate bridge
▶ see your results against opposition players, rated as a percentage

Download hands from BridgeWebs and other sites
▶ view a session from your club website
▶ see optimum contracts with actual pairs scoring
▶ replay hands against BriJ opposition

EBU RED BOOKpractice hands (for UK)
BriJ uses the same logic as real human players
▶ it does not cheat by peeking at the hidden cards !
▶ you have a reasonable chance of beating your computer opponents
▶ like a real player, BriJ may make mistakes, but is improving all the time

BriJ unlimited deals are totally random
▶ ask BriJ to predict makeable contracts
▶ see predictions before bidding, or only after you have played the contract
▶ save a deal for replaying later
▶ share deals with other BriJ players via email

Bridge convention card
▶ BriJ Lite uses Benji Acol bidding
▶ BriJ Pro has a wide choice of styles and optional conventions

See the website http://www.bjbridge.org for details of the extensive optional features of BriJ. Includes "How to get started with BriJ".

Please email bjsoftware42@gmail.com if you'd like to suggest improvements.

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