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Animal Frenzy

Animal Frenzy

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

With the "Frenzy" series, you must go looking for weird and wacky lost objects in breathtaking settings.

This gaming collection of hidden objects, in close relation to the famous "Where's Waldo?" © books, will have you travelling in search of characters or objects in universes … each more frantic than the last.

Throughout each journey and through the 13 particularly mind-blowing levels, you'll have to find branded animals, anachronistic objects, embezzled works of art, historical events or objects lost in worlds not their own.

You can zoom in two ways: either by using the magnifying glass mode, or zooming in with your fingers and groping through the scenery.

If you can`t find them all, the "Help" mode is released and will come to your rescue by indicating the area where you should concentrate your search.

Once the array of elements is found in a level, an application will tell you the time it took and unlocks the next level.

Each unlocked level becomes accessible in the home menu so as to continue on your next quest.

This version is free and offers the first level of each world to allow you to discover them. Like it! All that’s left is to offer yourself the complete adventure.

So? Ready for an adventure?

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