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Bed Time Story - kids Comic

Bed Time Story - kids Comic

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Bed Time Stories - Comic Stories:
A great boon for busy parents to help their kids get in to sleepy mode by reading out a good story to them. These bed time stories are pleasant to read for an adult as it is for a child to hear. Simple short stories for your kid to understand and drool in those semi-conscious state. Read out to them as the kids fall asleep peacefully. Not just stories, but morals which these stories teach are of great value adding service. It is said, morals are best taught through a good story. These bed time stories are so addictive that the child would like to hear them many a times.. With the interactive images its more of a fun for the kids to read by themselves.

Some of the famous stories which this app contains are listed below:

1) Ghost and the pole
2) The donkey song
3) Ant and the pigeon
4) The frog race.

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