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Yoga For Better Sex

Yoga For Better Sex

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

A fulfilling sexual life is quite necessary and important in order to lead a happy life. According to the Yoga philosophy, sex is a natural function and is extremely necessary for a healthy relationship. Yoga treats sex as the tool for the continuation of the human race and has a broader view on sex. There are several asanas which help in better sex.

In fact, yoga has a specific branch called Kundalini which deals with those asanas that improve sexuality and harness the sexual power. It leads you to have a controlled sexual life as these asanas help you to control your sexual activities and avoid overindulgence.

Yoga believes that for a healthy sexual life, it is very important for a person to get relieved of all his stress. Also, his body should be relaxed fully. A sound mind and body is the foremost criteria for fulfilling sexual life and this is what yoga aims to attain through its asanas and breathing exercises. It helps you to achieve an optimum health. The healing power of yoga is so strong that it can even cure impotency.

Another thing on which yoga stresses for a fulfilling sexual life is purity of mind and thoughts. This not only helps in raising the level of sexual activity but also the joy and pleasure derived from it. Yoga helps to concentrate and avoid nervousness which hinders sexual arousal. A major problem in sexual activity is the nervous mind, which hinders the arousal. The asanas and breathing exercises help you to relax and achieving better orgasms.

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