Temple Gold Tomb Run

Temple Gold Tomb Run

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Be in our team and join Capt. John Doe on their way to Temple Tomb Gold Run!

This additive and innovative game takes you to an epic gold run in a mining underground match.

The gameplay is simple, shoot the TNT and run as fast as you can or explode with all crumbled down the mining wall. Explore the mining under the temple ruin and open up new areas as you make progress through your run.

Temple Gold Tomb Run Features:

# Beautiful HD graphics
# Awesome temple mining environments with an excellent run play.
# Many obstacles
# Unlimited powerups
# More achievements
# Special way powers to each gold character
# Bigger gameplay!!!
# An entertaining soundtrack that will have a way to make you to hum all day with gold thoughts.

This Temple Gold Tomb Run is really an amazing game and requires your strategic thinking in shooting and running and its very addictive. You need to strategies to collect as many points you can. Blitz through the temple and mines and enjoy this addictive shooting and run mania now!

Temple Gold Run Tomb Game Play:

# This is a top shoot & run free game and an awesome mining background.
# Classic 5-star mining shooting game!
# Tap to control, full screen mode, and surround sound, all of these will make the game very exciting!
# The game has continuous rhythm, great 3D graphics, and noisy exploding sound effects!
# There are continuous-appearing violet enemies fighter aircraft raid non stop and a huge big enemy at each steps!

We shall improve this Temple Gold Tomb Run games in future and levels will be introduced at later stage.

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