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TC Nest - Christian Radio

TC Nest - Christian Radio

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

★ 46 Nos - Tamil Christian Radio Stations
★ 5 Nos - Telugu Christian Radio Stations
★ 5 Nos - Kannada Christian Radio Stations
★ 16 Nos - Hindi Christian Radio Stations
★ 20 Nos - Malayalam Christian Radio Stations

✓ Listen to 80+ Christian radio stations
✓ Easy-to-use and navigate through different radio stations and languages
✓ Radio list sorted by Languages
✓ Stream music from the app or in the background while you do other things
✓ Set data streaming preferences for when using a Cellular vs. WiFi network
✓ Share your favourite channels on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or by email
✓ View and post comments

Immerse yourself in the Word of Christ with our new CHRISTIANS RADIO app. With this app you can now tune into any of the Christian radio station that are displayed. This app offers Christian radio stations that are available in all Indian languages including Sinhalese radio station. The best part is that you can listen to your favourite Christian radio station all at one place. You can choose any one Indian language including Sinhalese from our app and listen from home or on-the-go. All the radio stations play very good Christian programmes which include songs, drama, prayer, bible reading, preaching and many more. You just have to install this app and select any station to listen. If there is any new radio station, we include it in the app and there is no need to update. The app will be automatically updated, hence you just have to install once and enjoy for the rest of your life. We also make it sure to remove any stations that are not working. You can rate us or comment below each radio stations. You can listen to any of these stations anytime, anywhere on your mobile phones. It requires Internet connection to run this radio app.

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Precise location (gps and network-based) Can use user's precise location Internal
Can use user's precise location It appears this app uses this data for market/customer analysis
Full network access Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for internal use within the app's functionality
Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for mobile analytics
Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for social networking services
Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for targeted advertising
Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for utility purposes
Read your contacts Can read user's contact list (phone book) and phone call history Internal
Read phone status and identity Can read phone's current state information like in-phone call, phone signal, carrier, device ID, and phone number It appears this app uses this data to identify users for market/customer analysis
Mock location sources for testing Create mock location sources for testing or install a new location provider. This allows the app to override the location and/or status returned by other location sources such as GPS or location providers. Not analyzed yet
Find accounts on the device Can use user's account information stored on the phone Not analyzed yet
Read call log Can read your device’s call log, including incoming and outgoing calls Not analyzed yet
Modify your contacts Can edit contacts on device Not analyzed yet
Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners\' knowledge Allows an application to write the user's calendar data. Not analyzed yet
Read calendar events plus confidential information Allows an application to read the user's calendar data. Not analyzed yet
Take pictures and videos Can use camera or flashlight on the phone Not analyzed yet
Directly call phone numbers Can call phone numbers Not analyzed yet
Write call log Can change your device’s call log including incoming and outgoing calls data Not analyzed yet
Modify or delete the contents of your usb storage Can write to your phone's USB storage Not analyzed yet
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