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Anatomy Study Guide

Anatomy Study Guide

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Anatomy Study Guide – America’s Navy

This FREE human anatomy app includes 11 systems of the human body, with quizzing, sharing and rotating capabilities. It allows the user to do a range of tasks:

*Tap on each body part for its name *Zoom in on specific body parts
*Test knowledge of anatomy
*Keep notes for future reference
*Share notes with friends and classmates

This guide to human anatomy is designed for medical students. But it’s also a useful tool for any student of human anatomy – high school, college or medical school. It can also be used by medical professionals, doctors and nurses as a quick educational reference to show patients and students.

*3-D MODELS: All images on the app are three-dimensional and include rotational models of the muscular system, vascular system, heart, skeletal system, skull and brain.
*QUIZZES: Choose whether to put the app in quiz mode or learning mode.
*EASY NAVIGATION: Quick use of the navigational tools includes flip-page tool, fast reset button and on-screen index for easy access at all times.
*HIGHLIGHTING: Highlight the area you are working on, such as muscles, bones, organs or systems.
*HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES: Tap and pinch to zoom; check out anterior and posterior views; and rotate, turn and flip images to see all sides of the area you’re studying.
*FREE: All content is FREE – you’ll never be charged for additional systems or images. All thanks to America’s Navy!

Muscular System, Vascular System, Heart, Skeletal System, Skull, Brain, Functional Areas of the Brain, Digestive System, Brachial Plexus, Clotting Cascade, Male and Female Dermatome Maps, and Respiratory System.

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