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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Mutu is a free 2D puzzle platformer where you must jump, dodge, battle and destroy portions of levels in order to get to your ultimate goal. Your only weapons are your rocket launcher and the elements of the current level (which you must take advantage of). Mutu has a scoring system based on the number of jumps made in order to get to the goal cube. With 140 levels, Mutu is a fun and challenging game for all ages!

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In order to make Mutu (the main character) move, just tap in the direction that you would like him to jump, and he will! Mutu can also double jump, which allows him to get even higher and even change direction midair! If you have rockets, you can use the rocket launcher by pressing the “Switch Mode” button, aim by long-pressing on screen, then firing by releasing. Getting back into jump mode is easy - just press the “Switch Mode” button again.


We do not like ads in apps - so we did not put any in ours! We also do NOT collect user data. Mutu is free with absolutely no strings attached.


If you do well in the game, you can unlock items to change your gameplay experience such as:
- Different colors for the rocket launcher laser sight
- Different hairstyles for Mutu
- 99 rocket mode : every level gives you 99 rockets that allow for maximum destruction
- destruction mode: you create TNT where your rocket will be when you shoot a rocket


Mutu is designed for tablets with multi-core processors. It can play on many phones and some older devices, but may experience performance issues. A multi-core processor tablet with Android 4.1 or better is recommended.

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