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World Cup 2014 Penalty Flicks

World Cup 2014 Penalty Flicks

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Welcome to Penalty Flicks!

A top arcade football penalty shoot out game featuring all the teams from the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil.

Play against your friends and see who wins the world cup or you can also play the computer.

Choose two methods of play tapping and shaking the phone (more fun and difficultt)

Stores all your penalty shootout results.

Hope you enjoy carrying on the spirit of the world cup with this game.

Fun World Cup game to keep you footy fans entertained.

Why choose Penalty Flick a your best penalty shoot out game?
Features all the teams from the 2014 World Cup
Makes use of your full screen
Realistic eye pleasing graphics
Two different ways to take a shot.
Unique shake to power up shot method - especially fun with two players.
You can curl the ball by tapping screen either side of the ball
Play against the computer or challenge your friends!
Two Keeper levels - The Super Keeper is less predictable and will also try and save your shots using AI
Keeps a record of your scores

** NEW **
We released the Pro version on 20th August 2014
Go pro and remove all ads, load faster, choose keepers, global highscores (coming soon) and show your support for this great game!

Made by RAF Systems

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