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Fashion Rockstar Dressup Girl

Fashion Rockstar Dressup Girl

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Are you girls in for a new dress up game with a little twist to it? This new rockstar dress up game will give you the opportunity to dress up like a real rockstar. With many different kinds of dresses, hairstyles and makeup this is the ultimate rockstar dress up game. In the creative mode you start with picking one of the backgrounds after that, you will able to choose your own hairstyle, eye color and your makeup. When you are done with your makeup you can dress up your own rockstar.
In the designer mode you will get a picture of a model that is already dressed up. After you have seen the picture you have to dress and do her makeup exactly like the rockstar on the picture. If you can do it perfectly you will get the highscore. So you have to improve your designing skills for a higher rating.

Rockstar Dress Up Game features:
- Competitive designer mode
- A fun creative mode
- 6 hairstyles
- 6 eye colors
- 6 eyeshadows
- 6 eyeliners
- 6 kinds of rouge
- 6 lipsticks
- 6 earrings
- 6 necklaces
- 6 bracelets
- 12 dresses

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