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Bingo Showdown: Free Card Game

Bingo Showdown: Free Card Game

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Join live, multiplayer games with Bingo tournaments, Bingo showdowns, & popular Bingo games! Play new, free Bingo games and hit the Bingo jackpot in the Wild-Wild-West. Our US Bingo showdown brings the best Bingo games straight to your Android. Yeee-haw!

Play addicting Bingo games, with or without WIFI
Make it to the top in our special Bingo casino showdown!
Customize your showdown and choose your Bingo cards
Join multiplayer games for some serious social gaming
Play free Bingo games with daily bonus spins, powerups, rewards and more

Customize your showdown
Play 7 different powerups and win big! Choose your Bingo cards for the best live tournaments in town. Play classic Bingo games, speed Bingo, or multiplayer Bingo games and explore our different Bingo rooms - it’s addicting!

Multiplayer games
Howdy partner! Play top multiplayer games and get ready for some popular Bingo! Play speed Bingo and win as many Bingo games as possible before the timer expires! Jump into live Bingo tournaments and join the Bingo madness.

Live leaderboards
Our live leaderboards let you see where your Facebook friends are ranking and who is in line for the Bingo jackpot. Compete for a top spot on the leaderboard and become a hot shot at the rodeo!

Social Bingo games
Play social Bingo with Facebook friends or Bingo players from around the world. Win extra bonuses by inviting your friends to play in the best Bingo game online! Level up and check out different Bingo rooms with your friends!

Play the best Bingo games with powerups, bonuses, rewards, minigames and more. Always earn new powerups to make it to the top! Use free Bingo tickets to check out all the different Bingo rooms and addicting minigames! You can also fill the Bingo chest by getting 10 Bingos to unlock additional Bingo tickets and powerups! Yeeee-haw!

• Daub a free space on each card
• Add a chest to each card with a chance for a prize
• Daub two free spaces on each card
• Double XP for every card during a round
• Add a minigame pickup to each card
• Double everything you earn
• Add an Insta-Bingo spot to each card

The Book of Outlaws
Shoot your way through the Bingo showdown and catch outlaws on the run! For every Bingo game won, collect a puzzle piece to find an outlaw on the run! Capture outlaws to win rewards, free gifts, Bingo bonus offers and more!

For example, take Little Levi. He likes to prance around on his fake pony, but make no mistake, the pistol is real and so is his appetite for mischief!

Or go after Explosive Eric! Explosive Eric is a ballistic ball of fun! Be sure to use extra caution, he won’t hesitate to light this fuse and run!

The showdown never ends

Our US Bingo app is live, so games are around the clock, around the world 24-7. So even though it may be daylight by you, it’s nighttime somewhere else. So saddle up and search for Midnight Mistresses or Billy Kids and make sure they play by the Bingo rules!

Rated best in town
Over 500,000 installs! Our US Bingo game is one of the highest rated online Bingo games around the world. Time to giddy-on-up and hit the showdown for live Bingo!

**Wifi is recommended for the best Bingo online experience

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Enjoy the game directly on your PC through Facebook at https://apps.Facebook.com/Bingo-showdown.

· Bingo Showdown is intended for a mature audience & does not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes

· Past success in social casino gaming has no relationship to future success at "real money gambling”.
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