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Stories for kids

Stories for kids

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

A collection of 25 stories with morale, adapted to children and available in 5 different collections. In the first collection "Animal Stories" we got inspired by the beautiful Aesopian fables and those from Jean de La Fontaine, as well as from a marvellous chinese folklore story. The second collection contains five wonderful tales from the Brothers Grimm, rewritten especially for the children today.
The third collection offers five adventures freighted with mystery, emotions and intriguing discoveries of the famous sailor Sinbad.
Afterwards we invite you to Pacala and Tandala. Stories full of tricks and jokes with a lot of humor and witty anecdotes that are perfect for children to listen before sleeping.
Since we know that children like pranks a lot, we conclude the entire collection with the best adventures: Mowgli, the child from the jungle will capture the small one's imagination.

Beside the stories we prepared some puzzles and colouring pages that provide children an extra experience.

How children will learn and play at the same time:
- 17 different colours in a colouring game
- drawing interesting extracts from the stories
- the little ones will exercise the ability to solve puzzles with diverse levels of difficulty
- the stories can be listened or read by the parents
- they will understand the connection between words and their sound, because the text will be highlighted while narrating the tales

At this moment we have the following stories:

Animal Stories
• The Fox and the Crow
• The Ant and the Grasshopper
• The Tortoise and the Hare
• The Town Musicians of Bremen
• The Monkey King

Tales of the Brothers Grimm
• Hansel and Gretel
• The Valiant Little Tailor
• Sleeping Beauty
• Cinderella
• Hans and the Dragon

The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor
• Sinbad the Sailor and the Gigantic Whale
• Sinbad the Sailor and the Great Roc Bird
• Sinbad the Sailor and the Island of Monkeys
• Sinbad the Sailor and the Old Man of the Sea
• Sinbad the Sailor and the One-Eyed Giant

Pacala and Tandala
• The story of Tandala and his two brothers
• The Trickster Pacala, the Priest's Servant.
• Pacala and Tandala
• The Bet with the Nobleman
• The Cemetery Thieves
The Jungle Book
• Entering the Wolf Pack
• The Thieves in the Tree Tops
• The Treasure at the Cold Lairs
• The Hunter with a Thousand Thorns
•The Red Flower

We hope that you like our stories and have fun with your little ones!
"Kidsopia brings you a wide range of fun games and creative ways to teach your child new things.
The Kidsopia platform is for toddlers (two to three), pre-school kids (four to five) and also for those who are just entering primary school (six-seven). The games offer many of the basic ideas and notions that a child would need to grasp.

Kidsopia is an educational platform based on research undertaken by the UNICEF: ""Early learning and development standards for children from birth to seven years"".

The main goal is to offer an amusing and intuitive way to learn about numbers, counting and letters, drawing and colouring, sizes, shapes and images, differences and similarities, animals, and many more, all presented within different adventures and stories.
Encompassing different developmental areas such as: intellectual, creative and emotional, the Kidsopia platform offers to the parent a handy and useful tool for children to learn through play.

In areas such as: science (mathematics, geometry, physics, chemistry), biology (human body, animals, plants), art (painting, drawing, colouring), puzzles (images, words or any other logical problems), emotional development (self-awareness, self-confidence, roleplaying, coping and understanding feelings) we focus on practice as the stepstone of learning.

We believe that by using our applications, kids will be able to learn these concepts in a relaxed, playful and clever way.

More details here: www.kidsopia.com

Languages available for download: English, Romanian, German.

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