Lex Flashcard Game for Quizlet

Lex Flashcard Game for Quizlet

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Play an awesome GAME to learn key vocabulary for ANY SUBJECT you want to master!!

The Lex game is a cross between Boggle, a crossword and mah jong, showing you hints for you to find the target words on the game board. Clear all the words and pass to the next stage if you score well enough!

Try out the free online version now at www.lexwordgameapp.com

(***n.b. also check out the 'PHRASE MAZE FOR QUIZLET' app for the next-gen version of this game with more options!!! Try online at www.PhraseMazeApp.com)

Game functions include the following:

- Choice of millions of flashcard sets to import from the excellent Quizlet flashcard website (www.quizlet.com) for use in the Lex game.

- Tracking of your progress and review wordlist shown after each game. Missed words appear in the game until you know them.

- ‘Train’ mode to give you time to ponder, and ‘Timed’ mode which demands quick recall!

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