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Baby kids salon – Haircutting

Baby kids salon – Haircutting

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Hi kids! In this baby salon and hair you have the busiest hair salon in the town exclusively for kids. And today we have 4 cute little kids waiting to be dressed up. Use your professional skills to tackle the kids and keep them happy! Your baby today : you choose self!

Start now in this baby hair cutting games with the baby salon hair !

Baby salon hair :
❀ Make her hair wet
❀ Comb her hair
❀ Cut her hair in a beautiful hairstyle
❀ Wipe the hairs from her face

She behaved very nicely so it's important to play with her for a while. In the meantime, you can to lubricate the baby oil.

Play with the baby :
❀ Little dog
❀ Star wand
❀ Remember milk
❀ Teddy bear
❀ Teat

Then it’s time to wash this little girl so she loves to go to the hairdresser.

Baby spa hair salon :
❀ Turning the tap so that the tub fills up
❀ Put her in the bath and wash her hair with soap and rinse it off
❀ Was her hair with conditioner and rinse it off
❀ Was her body and rinse it off
❀ Let her play with the bath toys so she is
❀ Get her out of the bath
❀ Dry hair with towel and hairdryer

Now it’s time for the last part of this little client! In this baby free dressup games you can give the baby clean clothes

Dress up the little baby :
❀ Comb her hair and make her hair pretty with elastics
❀ Choose one of the 10 beautiful baby outfits
❀ Choose one of the 10 cool
❀ Choose one of the 10 special hats
❀ Choose one of the 10 shoes, for example one with Dora!!

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